15 Female Idols You Would Want To Go To The Beach With

Once these bikini bodies hit the beaches, we’ll know it’s summer!

Many female K-Pop idols have shown off their beautiful beach bodies in the past. Fans are already waiting for this year’s summer looks! Who will have the cutest bikini?


1. DIA‘s Chaeyeon


2. CL


3. SECRET‘s Hyosung


4. HyunA


5. Former miss A‘s Jia


6. 9MUSES‘s Kyungri


7. EXID‘s LE


8. f(x)‘s Luna


9. APINK‘s Naeun


10. NS Yoon-G and Rainbow‘s Jaekyung


11. AOA‘s Seolhyun


12. Dalshabet‘s Subin


13. SISTAR‘s Soyou


14. Former f(x)‘s Sulli


15. Former BESTie‘s Yuji


Can’t wait for Summer ’18!

Source: NAVER Post by ALLETS
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