Here Are The 15 Female K-Pop Artists With The Most New YouTube Subscribers In March

#10 went up 13 spots from last month!

YouTube is one of the most important platforms for K-pop artists to share their work with their fans. Fans can use their channels not only to watch music videos, vlogs and other content, but also to gauge how many new people are taking an interest in their favorite groups. Here are the 15 female K-Pop acts who have seen a significant increase in subscribers in the past month!

15. 에스파 (aespa)

SM Entertainment’s rookie girl-group aespa gained 80,000 new followers and now have 1.5 million overall.

14. HyunA

HyunA also gained 80,000 subscribers and currently has 2.4 million in total.

12. Sunmi

Sunmi, who recently had a comeback with “Tail” in the past month, gained 90,000 new subscribers, putting her at 1.1 million in total.

12. Lee Hyeri

Lee Hyeri and Sunmi are tied for 12th place, as they both gained 90,000 subscribers and have 1.1 million overall.

11. Red Velvet

Adding on to their total of 3.9 million, Red Velvet gained 100,000 subscribers over the past month.

| SM Entertainment

10. Purple Kiss

RBW Entertainment‘s newest group, Purple Kiss, went up 13 spots as they gained 115,000 subscribers, putting them at 417,000 in total.

| RBW Entertainment


Purple Kiss’ senior group, MAMAMOO, gained 120,000 new subscribers and currently have 5.5 million in total.

| RBW Entertainment

8. MAMAMOO’s Solar

MAMAMOO’s Solar’s solo channel, solarsido, gained 140,000 subscribers in March, making 3 million in total.

| RBW Entertainment


ITZY gained 160,000 new subscribers in the past month and currently have 4.6 million in total.

| MTV News


Korea’s best-selling girl-group TWICE gained 200,000 subscribers in March, amounting to 10.3 million in total.

| JYP Entertainment

5. IU

Following her latest comeback LILAC, IU gained 260,000 new subscribers and has 5.7 million overall.

4. BLACKPINK’s Jennie

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, who opened her solo YouTube channel in January, gained 260,000 new subscribers as well for a total of 6 million.

3. Jessi

Jessi gained 380,000 new subscribers following her March comeback, “What Type Of X,” and has 1.9 million subscribers in total.



BLACKPINK’s Lisa gained 440,000 new subscribers and has 6.4 million subscribers overall on her solo YouTube channel.

| MAC Cosmetics


BLACKPINK moved up to the top spot this month, with 1.8 million new subscribers and a total of 59.5 million.

| Samsung
Source: K-Pop Radar
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