Just 15+ Hilarious BTS Weverse Posts That We All Can’t Forget About

BTS and ARMYs are all so creative.

BTS is known for their funny and witty responses to fans on Weverse as it is a great way for them to interact with everyone. While there are so many great posts from the boys, here are some legendary posts that fans all remember and can’t forget about!

1. Suga knowing that his nickname is 민애옹 (min ae-ong).

A fan posted a photo of a cat with the caption that read, “Hey Hobi, did you use all the shampoo” in which Suga replied, “So did you?” Fans found it hilarious that Suga answered instead of J-Hope, thus recognizing and admitting to his nickname of “min ae-ong.”

2. The mystery as to what V blew in the grass was RM’s hair

A fan posted a photo of RM‘s crazy blonde hair, claiming that it was what V had blown in the grass (dandelion). RM’s response to this was funny in that he told the fan that their Weverse account should be suspended for 3 days for posting something like this.

3. Another part to RM’s ‘Suspension series’

Another fan posted a photo of RM winking and asked to be suspended for three days too. RM, who saw the photo, decided that 3 days was not enough for this photo and stated that they should be suspended for 300 days.

4. ‘Suspension series’ at it once again

Another fan posted a funny of RM and he quickly responded saying this was another 3 day suspension notice.

5. From dentist to joint therapy

A fan couldn’t keep their mouth closed from Jin‘s beauty and asked him to open up a dentistry. Suga, who was worried about their fans’ not being able to close their mouths, decided that Jin needs to open a clinic that specializes in joints instead.

6. Doppelganger?

A fan posted a photo of V dressed exactly like squidward and V couldn’t say anything back but, “Woah.” V was probably too shocked at the synchronisity of the photo!

7. Jin the Pachycephalosaurus

A fan posted a photo of Jin hiding head-butting his face from embarrassment in which Suga proceeds to call him a Pachycephalosaurus (known for “head-butting” as well).

8. Scriptwriter Jin

A fan posted a photo of RM whispering to J-Hope and Jin wrote a script of what they could possibly be saying.

RM: They’re the one that farted in class!

J-Hope: (smiles)

9. Model? Suga says no

A fan posted a photo of RM’s great proportions and asked if he was a model. Suga replied with, “He’s a singer,” giving off a total Suga vibe with his answer.

10. Lottery

A photo of Suga with the caption, “RM’s lottery ticket numbers are starting to match.” Suga left a comment saying, “Wait so did we win or not,” giving a witty response to the photo.

11. Hamster Jin

A photo of Jin compared to photos of a hamster were posted by a fan in which Jin responded, “I don’t know who that is but he’s really handsome.”

12. Kim Seokjin’s art display

A photo of Jin’s water bottle that he thew into the crowd at Wembley Stadium on display was posted and RM, who is a an avid art and museum lover, commented, “I will buy this display.”

13. Drunk Jimin

A fan posted a photo of a scene from the “Black Swan” music video of Jimin crawling on the ground with the caption that read, “Haha Yoongi said this is a photo of Jimin having a hard time after drinking.” Suga saw the post and commented, “I told you to drink reasonably.”

14. Jin’s white suit

A photo of Jin’s quite loud and bright white suit stood out among the other members dressed in more casual fashion. J-Hope and Suga both left comments on this photo with J-Hope asking if this was edited and Suga replying that it wasn’t.

15. Bang PD

A fan posted a photo of Bang Si Hyuk, the CEO of Big Hit in which V responded, “Who are you?”

16. Dress Code

A fan wondered when the members would tell Jin the dress code for the day and posted photos of Jin standing out in different style clothes from the members. Suga commented, “Ah I told him to match accordingly.”

What are some of your favorite Weverse post reactions from the group?