15+ GIFs Of BTS’s “Dynamite” Performance For Music On A Mission

They lit up the stage like dynamite.

The Recording Academy‘s virtual fundraiser event, Music on a Mission, saw BTS performing “Dynamite” on March 13. Although the song has been performed countless times, the members always seem to add something different to each performance.

Here are more than 15 special moments from their latest stage to remind us why this global group deserves all the recognition.

1. BTS knows how to make an entrance.

2. Jungkook’s got the moves!

3. RM turning the seats into a stage.

4. J-Hope happily bouncing to his place.

5. Jimin’s voice makes everybody groove.

6. The lights switch so satisfyingly.

7. V knows he killed it!

8. Suga bringing some swag to the performance.

9. Jungkook smiling as he drums away.

10. The set looks absolutely incredible!

11. Jin bringing the vocals.

12. Eye contact!

13. A performance that demands a spotlight.

14. The members just enjoying the moment.

15. RM’s in the stars tonight.

16. A soulful ending.

Check out the funky performance below!