15+ GIFs Of The Magical BTS Bermuda Triangle Here To Bless Your Weekend

Their visuals are so captivating.

The mysterious Bermuda Triangle has a whole another meaning in K-Pop. And of all the Bermuda Triangles in the industry, the BTS Bermuda unit – consisting of V, Jungkook, and of course the Worldwide Handsome Jin – is a constant favorite for fans. Here are 15+ pictures of the BTS Bermuda Triangle to bless your weekend. Scroll down to get eternally trapped in their beauty:


1. The Red Bermuda


2. The Monochrome Bermuda


3. The Bermuda Shades of Brown


4. The M-I-B Bermuda


5. Bermuda in Waves


6. The Spaced Out Bermuda


7. The Red Flavor Bermuda


8. The Proud Bermuda


9. The Iconic Boyfriend Look Bermuda


10. The Side Profile Bermuda


11. Bermuda, Mesmerized


12. The Three Vibes of Bermuda


13. The White Bermuda


14. Handsome After Handsome After Handsome Bermuda


15. The Skittles Bermuda


16. The Curious Bermuda


17. Bermuda Musketeers


18. Bermuda Gone Too Sexy