15 Girl Group Stage Outfits That Will Make You Go “What Happened?”

Would you wear these?

While many K-Pop idol’s casual fashion keep trending for their gorgeous simplicity, stage outfits will always remain iconic. Wearable by normal standards these clothes are not, but girl group members just pull them off so effortlessly with full confidence.

Check out some samples below!

1. This half-half villain attire by Solar

2. This patterned “Fancy” costume by Chaeyoung

3. This fabric galore by Yeeun

4. This latex boots and green polka-dotted outfit by HyunA

5. This poofy silver attire by Hwasa

6. This denim Little Red Riding Hood look by Yuqi

7. This two-colored gingham dress by SinB

8. This iconic cupcake dress by Lizzy

9. This shiny shorts-feather sleeved outfit by Girls’ Generation

10. This heart-shaped dress by Irene

11. This neon yellow feather…thing by Wendy

12. This explosion of fabric by Somi

13. This “full of fringe” dress by Lisa

14. This schoolgirl-gone-wild “Bo-Peep Bo-Peep” look by T-ARA

15. And finally, this utterly confused look by 2NE1

Legends, they all are.