15+ Heart-Stopping Pictures Of BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Her Long, Long Legs

They go on for miles!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa has the kind of visuals that make people look twice. Part of this allure is her long legs and slender physique, making her appear taller than her actual 167cm height.

As a result, Lisa is 100% certified model material, just like the following photos prove!

1. In skinny jeans

2. In fishnet stockings

3. In a tropical getup

4. In a relaxed cruise pose

5. In mustard pants

6. In a pleated miniskirt

7. In bright colors

8. In thigh-high boots

9. In casual denim shorts

10. In black jeans and heels

11. In (luxury) airport attire

12. In “Playing With Fire” stage clothes

13. In an old mansion vibe

14. In sweats somewhere magical

15. In elegant attire

16. In festival wear

17. In her long long legs

Lalisa Manoban, everyone!