Here Are 15 Of The Most Hilarious K-Pop Memes Posted For April Fools’ Day

K-Pop fans are pretty clever…

It’s April Fools’ Day, and what better way to celebrate the holiday than some hilarious memes? K-Pop fans have been posting clever, funny, and sometimes slightly shady memes on various forums, which have been collected here. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these 15 K-Pop memes that have been created by fellow fans.

1. “SM Entertainment confirms Red Velvet Seulgi will play Candace in live action Phineas & Ferb movie” by Rigby_k

2. “YG Entertainment announces BLACKPINK videogame” by Starinight69

3. “YG Entertainment making BLACKPINK” by frogspotting

4. “[UNCONFIRMED] Rumor has it Somi is still celebrating her birthday” by kattkarterr7

5. “Oh god pls no…” by plaguedeliveryguy

6. “Asking the real questions” by lonelyisLand

7. “A Man Gets Scarred For Life (2019, colorized)” by sahyy

8. “YG reports that Mark Lee from NCT U, NCT DREAM, NCT 127 and Super M will debut in the upcoming boygroup Treasure” by plaguedeliveryguy

9. “How it feels to be over 21 and interacting w/ other kpop stans online” by clubroo

10. “R.I.P. Oh!GG” by RChinni

11. “RBW’s new gg Mamatubby debuted today, please show them lots of love” by monty465

12. “NCT’s Taeyong, Big Bang’s Taeyang, SF9’s Taeyang and CRAVITY’s Taeyoung to be part of new boy group ‘TX4′” by AoiSky23

13. “they really love food tho” by thatkpophomeboy

14. “Mingyu’s pool party teaser” by angelrv21

15. “When you’re working at a grocery store and a customer screams at you because there’s no toilet paper” by Stoop_Girl

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