15 HOTTEST Moments From BLACKPINK Lisa’s New Dance Video

We saw #6 in slow motion.

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa released a new “Lisa Dance Performance Video” in her YouTube Channel, Lilifilm, on April 20. It already raked in over 4 million views in less than a day, thanks to it being one of Lisa’s sexiest dances to date.

Check out some proofs below!

1. When she emphasized her bodyline

Those hands…

2. When she peaked at the camera

She’s on FIRE.

3. When she did that leg move

She’s flexible AF.

4. When she changed positions

That was so smooth.

5. When she lay on the floor

Look at her abs!

6. When she stood up

Or should we say, sashayed up?

7. When her backside was the highlight

Her legs go on forever.

8. When she did these power moves

She’s a versatile dancer.

9. When she snapped


10. When the lyrics went “fine”

She was fine.

11. When she did a hip wave

It looked too easy for her.

12. When she dropped to the floor

All that sass in one idol.

13. When she did that with her legs


14. When she looked straight at the camera

…straight into your soul.

15. When she slid to the floor

She ended with a bang.

Needless to say, it was hot from start to finish. See for yourself in the full video below:

Source: YouTube