15 Hottest Moments When BLACKPINK’s Lisa Said “F*** It!” And Showed You Her Sexiest Moves On Stage

#12 is just art in motion — what a deserving queen!

One of the reasons why BLINKs love BLACKPINK‘s Lisa so much is because of her innate duality.

When you first see her smiling and showing off her bright personality, you just can’t help but feel soft for her adorable gestures and captivating aura.


But then, when you see her perform and successfully set the stage on fire, you’ll simply feel your heartbeat race and your face flush because of Lisa’s powerful stage presence and confident dance moves.

Here are 15 of Lisa’s sexiest moves on stage. The question is, do you think you’re ready for them?

1. Duality switches on in a second

2. Her legs are fire

3. Lisa in the house, yo!

4. Combined effort to making it work

5. Perfectly framing her face while dancing to the beat

6. It’s her eyes that do the trick…

7. …every single time!

8. Of course, her body rolls provide substantial help, too

9. And the stage’s wind effects also play their part

10. At the core of Lisa’s performances, though, it’s all about attitude…

11. …confidence…

12. …and giving it all on the stage!

13. For Lisa, her performances aren’t just her “job”…

14. …it’s her calling.

15. And she’ll do everything she can to make sure that all BLINKs will enjoy watching them.

Aside from Lisa’s appealing charms on stage, BLINKs also love her kind heart — this is why they want to protect her when news of her being scammed came out:

Fans Want To Protect BLACKPINK’s Lisa After News Of Her Being Scammed Of ₩1 Billion KRW Came Out — And Honestly, Can You Blame Them?