These Are 15 Iconic K-Pop Dance Moves That Every Fan Should Know

Do you recognize all of these?

There are countless iconic dance moves in K-Pop, and it would be impossible to name and point out every single one of them. Some, however, definitely stand out in a lot of people’s minds, and they are well-known by most fans of the music genre! Many even go viral to some degree, and can help a song get boosted into even greater popularity. Here are 15 of the most iconic dance moves in K-Pop that you should know.

1. Taemin’s hip move in “Move”

2. Sunmi’s finger gun in “Gashina”

3. The crazy splits in NCT 127’s “Cherry Bomb”

4. The shoulder dance in ITZY’s “WANNABE”

5. The spinning wheel in SF9’s “K.O.”

6. The hip thrust in ATEEZ’s “Answer”

7. The clock formation in GOT7’s “You Calling My Name”

8. The hand illusion move in Apink’s “Dumhdurum”

9. The hand rubbing move in Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”

10. The energetic bouncing part of SEVENTEEN’s “Mansae”

11. The neck snap in ITZY’s “ICY”

12. The sexy back roll in MONSTA X’s “All In”

13. The “driving” dance in ATEEZ’s “Say My Name”

14. The body wiggles in SISTAR’s “Touch My Body”

15. The pulling-in move in NCT Dream’s “My First and Last”