Just 15 Of The Most Iconic K-Pop Moments Of 2020 So Far

Fans are excited to see what else might be in store for 2020.

Although we are just starting our fourth month into 2020, there have already been quite a lot of iconic moments to remember! From dance moves to funny scenes and even touching moments, 2020 has truly delivered with some amazing K-Pop moments!

1. ITZY Ryujin’s shoulder dance in “Wannabe”

2. TWICE performing “Feel Special” as OT9

3. EVERGLOW’s “DUN DUN” pre-chorus part

4. BTS Jungkook’s bridge portion of “ON”

5. ATEEZ hip thrusts in “Answer”

6. The whole concept of (G)I-DLE’s “OH MY GOD”

7. BTS’s J-Hope doing his thang while Jungkook is being eaten by a bird

8. cignature’s chorus drop in “ASSA”

9. THE BOYZ’s intro spoiler for “Road To Kingdom”

10. Red Velvet Seulgi’s dance practice video

11. ITZY Yeji’s jump roping skills

12. BTS’s dance break in “ON”

13. Taeyeon singing “Into the Unknown” live

14. PENTAGON Hongseok’s abs in “Dr. BEBE”

15. LOONA’s cover of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry”

What are some moments that stick out to you in K-Pop so far?