15 Idols Who Are High-Key Struggling To Live In A Technology-Filled World

Sometimes technology just fails us…

Technology has become a huge part of our lives but, let’s be honest, it isn’t always the easiest to use. Maybe you’ve struggled with your camera or couldn’t figure out why your computer was acting the fool, but we’ve all been there. And idols have too! These idols and their struggles are completely relatable and at the same time will make you feel like a complete tech guru!


1. Red Velvet Wendy’s “broken” camera

Wendy was having some major issues on Level Up! Project. She was so confused by the camera that she thought it was broken and didn’t realize it captured her entire battle with the piece of technology!


2. MONSTA X Wonho’s angle adjustment

Wonho accidentally started his livestream earlier and things continued to give him trouble. He tackled the challenge to get his camera at the right angle then battled with the rear-facing camera before finally getting it all sorted.


3. Girls’ Generation Yoona’s mic problems

Yoona had some major problems when her inner-ear mic wasn’t working. She couldn’t hear the music and quickly tried to tell the staff what was wrong so it could be fixed.


4. EXO Sehun’s microphone mishap

EXO had their own mic problems and had a little conference with each other to see who all were experiencing the technical difficulties. Turns out Sehun got the short end of the stick and continued to play with his mic until it was fixed.


5. Red Velvet Irene needs NCT’s help

Irene experienced a tech mishap when she accidentally made a screen go blank. When she looked to NCT‘s Doyoung to help her and his answer was simple enough!


6. STELLAR’s repeating performance

Once STELLAR were performing “Crying” when the audio had a major glitch and kept repeating itself.


When it was apparent that the song was going to keep fooling around with them the girls decided to cut the music and perform without it!


7. SHINee Onew’s mic disaster

What’s one of a fan’s worst nightmares? Not being able to hear their idols. Onew seemed quite surprised by the sudden silence from his mic but luckily it didn’t last long and he was able to be heard once again.


8. MONSTA X Wonho’s computer problems

Even Wonho knew he looked like someone who had never used a computer before when he struggled with popups and a USB drive during a livestream.


9. Red Velvet Irene’s forgetful moment

Not so much a tech problem as a memory problem! Irene once forgot her mic midperformance and had to have someone bring it to her!


10. SUPER JUNIOR Donghae’s computer battle

Poor Ryeowook once lost his computer to the hands of Donghae. He had even downloaded a special program to play piano on it but within a few days, Donghae had managed to destroy it.


11. AKMU Suhyun’s soundless mic

Suhyun had some mic problems of her own. Luckily, her brother was nice enough to share with her…only during her solo parts!


12. Apink’s music meltdown

What would you do if the music suddenly stopped in the middle of your performance?


Well, if you were Apink you would keep on going and have the audience help you out too!


13. SUPER JUNIOR’s Donghae strikes again

Lock up your computers, Donghae is coming! Not only did Donghae wreck Ryeowook’s computer, he also managed to destroy Shindong‘s.


And in only a couple days of Shindong buying it.



TWICE was really confused when GFRIEND‘s music suddenly started playing at 2016 SBS Gayo Daejeon. Luckily everything was fixed and TWICE got to perform their own song!


15. MONSTA X Wonho’s sign off mixup

Wonho seems to have a very interesting relationship with technology. He loves to use it and sometimes it seems like he’s the most tech-savvy person ever and other times he struggles to turn off his video…