15 Idols Who Are Inflexible As The Rest Of Us

Don’t worry if you’re not flexible, these idols aren’t either!

Some idols could be acrobats or contortionists with their amazing flexibility. While there are plenty of idols who can do amazing things with their bodies, there are other idols who are a bit more like the rest of us! These idols prove that just because they are idols doesn’t mean they can bend themselves in half!


1. Yugyeom (GOT7)

Some people can touch their toes with ease, and the rest of us are more like Yugyeom!


2. RM (BTS)

The leader position is never easy, especially if your other members try their hardest to make your inflexible body a little bit more so with some torture. Poor RM!


3. Nayeon (TWICE)

Nayeon’s cute “Can we meet later?” was the perfect response to this stretch.


And never mind about her front stretch routine!


4. Haechan (NCT)

It’s the best kick we’ve ever seen! Haechan might not be the most flexible but he’s full of spirit!


5. Hani (EXID)

Hani’s attempts at getting low to the ground were definitely better than Defconn’s!


6. Yuta (NCT)

Show them what you’ve got Yuta!


7. Eunkwang (BTOB)

Eunkwang’s attempts to take on the limbo stick didn’t go so well the first time…


And the second attempt knocked him out in defeat.


8. Chaeyoung (TWICE)

Nayeon isn’t the only member of her group that isn’t the most flexible. Poor Chaeyoung was crying out in pain from her attempts at the splits!


9. Sowon (GFRIEND)

The limbo stick strikes again, only this time it’s decided to target Sowon!


10. Leo (VIXX)

Leo might be 90% leg, but sometimes those legs don’t want to do what he tells them to!


11. Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean that Seulgi can do the perfect splits!


Not that she hasn’t tried!


12. Heechul (Super Junior)

Heechul was just trying to show the Lovelyz how to play the game. Only, it just wasn’t working so well.


Then he tried to show off his flexibility to Weki Meki only to wobble off.


But his impressive display proved to wow the girls who challenged him to this game…which they won.


13. Suga (BTS)

Suga’s attempts at stretching gave him the perfect right angle.


Good thing his favorite way to stretch is this way!


14. Momo (TWICE)

Momo can sing. Momo can dance. Momo can…stretch?


15. Sohyun (former 4MINUTE member)

Sohyun’s attempts to touch her toes was beyond compare!