15 K-Pop Albums Whose Title Track Was The Weakest On The Album, As Determined By Fans

It doesn’t mean the title track was bad, it just means the B-side tracks were also incredible!

K-Pop artists, of course, release a lot of music besides the title tracks that end up as their music videos. Whoever does decide what the artist’s title track is going to be often has a hard choice to make, because oftentimes B-side tracks on albums are just as good (if not better, according to some) than the title track! Fans recently created a forum to discuss albums where they think the title track is the “weakest” song on the album, although this by no means suggests that the title track is a bad song. These are 15 different albums that the fans think have ridiculously good B-side tracks.

1. BTS’s Map of the Soul: 7 (Title Track: “ON”)

“The song really excels with the choreo and performances and I can’t find myself listening to it on its own as much as I did with previous title tracks. The rest of the album is a lot stronger and more listen-able for me.”

2. WAYV’s Awaken the World (Title Track: “Turn Back Time”)

“While I think ‘Turn Back Time’ is decent, it’s pretty solid, it is nowhere near as enjoyable to me as some of the other tracks, and there is so many good ones! Esp. Unbreakable, Up from here, Domino and Only Human. ‘Unbreakable’ could easily be a title track, the hook melody and mood is so enjoyable. ‘Up from here’ is really special too I REALLY would want to see an MV for this song. All these make me feel some sort of special way while ‘Turn back time’ really… doesn’t.”

3. Cosmic Girls’ For the Summer (Title Track: “Boogie Up”)

“WJSN’s For The Summer. Boogie Up is fine but the other tracks are incredible, especially Let’s Dance.”

4. GOT7’s Spinning Top (Title Track: “Eclipse”)

“Eclipse on GOT7s Spinning Top album :(. Really wish they went with Page as their title track.”

5. GFRIEND’s Labyrinth (Title Track: “Crossroads”)

“They were already mentioned here but I’d also pick Gfriend’s Crossroads and to a lesser extent, WJSN’s Butterfly. I’m not the biggest fan of the latter but it still worked – however, the former didn’t stick with me at all and it wasn’t particularly interesting either and that’s dangerous for a title track. They really should’ve gone with Labyrinth, which I didn’t exactly love either but would’ve been a much more sensible choice.”

6. CLC’s Free’sm (Title Track: “Where Are You”)

“CLC’s Free’sm. Where are You was not a great choice for title track. Cube could have chosen Summer Kiss or I Like It in which later on they performed both tracks as promotion.”

7. EXO’s The War (Title Track: “Ko Ko Bop”)

“The War is, imo, Exo’s strongest album (although DMUMT and Exodus come close). Absolutely zero skips, and in particular Forever, Going Crazy and Walk On Memories are such standout songs – top-tier. Forever in particular is a song I still bop to so hard.”

“The War is absolutely insane and one of the best kpop albums of all time, Ko Ko Bop was good but the other songs were better.”

8. SHINee’s The Story of Light (Title Track: “Countless”)

“With SHINee I actually think Countless is the weakest song on The Story of Light repackage….it’s not terrible but I love every b-side so much more and I feel Who Waits For Love, Chemistry, Electric, etc could’ve been more interesting tracks to give an MV if SM had wanted to.”

9. (G)I-DLE’s I Made (Title Track: “Senorita”)

“I’m probably one of the few people who actually enjoyed Senorita as a (G)I-DLE title track, but I think the rest of the tracks on I made are better. Initially I didn’t think so, but once I re-listened to the album a few months after it came out I came to like Blow Your Mind and Give Me Your a lot.”

10. SuperM’s 1st Mini Album (Title Track: “Jopping”)

“SuperM’s album. Jopping is by far the worst song on the album. I personally would have loved Super Car as the title track (and maybe that would mean Mark’s English rap would have actually made it into the actual song).”

11. Red Velvet’s RBB (Title Track: “Really Bad Boy”)

“Red Velvet’s RBB mini. At a quick glance you can see why SM went with RBB as the title track, but after Psycho’s success I think we can say that a mid-tempo ish track also works for a title. With that said, in retrospect I really think the title track should’ve been So Good. SM wanted to follow-up/capitalize the hype they got from Bad Boy and So Good would’ve done a better job at that than RBB.”

12. Wanna One’s 1×1 = 1 (Title Track: “Energetic”)

“Energetic was still a really solid song, but I actually probably listened to the others on the album more. Always always has a special spot for me and is really the song that got me into Wanna One, Wanna Be (My Baby) is just so upbeat and fun, and Burn It Up was really hype. Energetic is good too, but it doesn’t stand out to me as much as the others.”

13. OH MY GIRL’s NONSTOP (Title Track: “Nonstop”)

“Nonstop is definitely my least favorite track here. Krystal is a really pretty song and I think it really suits their style. Flower Tea was a really nice ballad, and I really liked the melody of Neon as well. I didn’t like Dolphin at first but I have to admit it gets really catchy, and now I’d even prefer Dolphin over Nonstop.”

14. f(x)’s Pink Tape (Title Track: “Rum Pum Pum Pum”)

“f(x)’s Pink Tape, but at the same time I get it. RPPP is catchy and dance-able. I just feel like the other songs were better.”

15. Dreamcatcher’s Dystopia (Title Track: “Scream”)

“While I think that Dreamcatcher – Scream should be the title track from the Dystopia album I think is one of the weakest songs there if taken separately. It’s the best if you pair it with a choreo, with a MV because it is powerful and different but just as a song that you listen to in the background is meh. I actually like the instrumental version more because you can hear the instrumental clearly.”

Source: Forum