These Are The 15 K-Pop Boy Groups Who Have Been Waiting For A Comeback The Longest

Do you think they’ll ever have a comeback?

There are many K-Pop groups that have never “officially” disbanded, but have gone for years without releasing any new music. Both girl groups and boy groups have been on extremely long hiatuses, making fans wonder if they’ll be coming out with new releases at all. These are the 15 boy groups that have been waiting the longest, without including sub-unit songs, solo work, or Japanese releases.

15. CNBLUE: 1,217 days

CNBLUE has had a long hiatus since March 20, 2017, when they released “Between Us”.

14. MVP: 1,225 days

MVP’s last single, “Take It”, came out over 3 years ago on March 12, 2017.

13. ROMEO: 1,229 days

ROMEO’s latest single, “Without U”, was released on March 8, 2017.

12. BEATWIN: 1,255 days

BEATWIN hasn’t had a release since “Don’t Leave” came out on February 10, 2017.

11. BIGBANG: 1,315 days

BIGBANG has had quite a long hiatus with all of their military enlistments and drama, with “Last Dance” coming out on December 12, 2016.

10. 2PM: 1,406 days

2PM fans have been waiting for new music since “Promise (I’ll Be)” came out on September 12, 2016.

9. U-KISS: 1,504 days

U-KISS’s last song, “Stalker”, came out over 4 years ago on June 6, 2016.

8. JJCC: 1,594 days

JJCC’s “ToDay” came out March 8, 2016, as their last release.

7. MBLAQ: 1,868 days

MBLAQ’s fans have been waiting for a comeback since June 8, 2015, when their last single, “Mirror”, came out.

6. UNIQ: 1,886 days

UNIQ hasn’t had a full-group song since May 21, 2015, when they came out with “Luv Again”.

5. Myname: 1,895 days

Myname’s last song, “Just Tell Me”, came out on May 12, 2015.

4. MR.MR: 1,914 days

“Out” was MR.MR’s last song to come out, and was released on April 23, 2015.

3. JYJ: 2,183 days

JYJ’s “Back Seat” was their last song to be released, and came out on July 28, 2014.

2. ZE:A: 2,236 days

ZE:A’s last song, “Breathe”, was released on June 5, 2014, over six years ago.

1. Supernova: 2,902 days

SUPERNOVA has been waiting an insanely long time since their last song, “She’s Gone”, came out on August 8, 2012.