These Are 15 K-Pop Comebacks That Had Highly Misleading Teasers

Fans were really thrown off by the teasers for these music videos!

Usually when a K-Pop group releases a teaser for an upcoming comeback, it is pretty relevant to the concept of the actual music video so fans know what to expect. Sometimes, however, a teaser ends up being completely different to what the music video turns out to be! Here are 15 of the best examples of teasers that made the music videos take fans by surprise.

1. “Boyfriend” by Boyfriend

Teaser: Dark, heavy, intense

Music video: Super aegyo and cutesy

2. “Run Devil Run” by Girls’ Generation

Teaser: Dark, intense, mysterious

Music video: Not as dark and intense as the teaser made it seem

3. “We Like” by PRISTIN

Teaser: Very girl crush, bad-a** theme

Music video: Cutesy and peppy

4. “Stop It” by B.A.P

Teaser: Very rap and hip-hop heavy

Music video: Silly and vocal-heavy

5. “Dinosaur” by Akdong Musician

Teaser: Dark, spooky, and mysterious

Music video: Still mysterious, but light-hearted and aesthetic

6. “Mr. Simple” by Super Junior

Teaser: Sophisticated, ballad-heavy, and mature

Music video: Catchy, very pop, and dance-heavy

7. “Callin'” by A.C.E

Teaser: Pretty, aesthetic, and light-hearted

Music video: Darker and more dance-heavy

8. “Like OOH-AHH” by TWICE

Teaser: Creepy and spooky but humorous

Music video: Cute and girly with a hint of creepy

9. “Alone” by SISTAR

Teaser: Hype and club-like

Music video: Elegant and mature

10. “You Think” by Girls’ Generation

Teaser: Bright, colorful and extravagant

Music video: Girl crush and bad-a**

11. “Step” by KARA

Teaser: Elegant, mature, a bit angelic

Music video: Dance-heavy and peppy

12. “Never Give Up” by Zelo & Yongguk

Teaser: Rap-heavy, grungy, and dark

Music video: Motivational, light-hearted and colorful

13. “TT” by TWICE

(Individual) Teasers: Random and cute

Music video: Halloween-themed

14. “Call Me Baby” by EXO

Teasers: Involved a lot of travel, mystery, individual stories

Music video: Dance-heavy and didn’t incorporate the teasers at all

15. “The Boys” by Girls’ Generation

Teaser: Fantastical, elegant, and intriguing

Music video: Very dance-heavy and flashy