15 K-Pop Idols You Probably Forgot Were Actually Parents

They have their own bundles of joy!

1. Eli (U-KISS)

Eli married his racing model girlfriend Ji Yeon Soo in 2013. Three years later the couple welcomed their adorable son Michael Minsoo Kim into the world. Unfortunately, they recently completed their divorce, officially ending their marriage in August 2021.

2. Sunye (former Wonder Girls member)

Sunye also tied the knot back in 2013. Later that year she gave birth to her first bundle of joy, Hailey. And in 2016, she had a second, equally as adorable daughter Elisha! And finally, in January 2019, she welcomed her third daughter, Madison.

3. Soyul (former Crayon Pop member) and Moon Hee Jun (former H.O.T member)

This couple welcomed a healthy baby girl in 2017. The couple waited a year to release any pictures of her but when they finally did, the picture of the happy family could literally melt the coldest heart! They have starred on Return of Superman, showing off their adorable daughter Heeyul, also known as Jam Jam.

4. Tablo

We all know Tablo and Kang Hye Jung‘s cute and somewhat sassy daughter Haru!

We’ve watched her grow up on The Return of Superman and now she’s already 11-years-old! Time sure seems to fly fast.

5. Choi Minhwan (FTISLAND) and Yulhee (former Laboum member)

Choi Minhwan and Yulhee surprised everyone with their engagement and marriage news. But perhaps the happiest surprise of all was when the couple introduced their baby boy in May 2018! Fans are loving how Choi Minhwan takes care of their baby boy on Mr. House Husband. The couple also welcomed twins in February 2020.

6. Shoo (S.E.S)

The S.E.S singer married her former basketball player husband in 2010 and shortly after the two welcomed their son Son Yoo into the world.

Three years later, Shoo gave birth to twin girls Ra Yul and Ra Hui. And if you’ve seen The Return of Superman or Oh! My Baby, you’ve definitely seen these cuties!

7. Kahi (former After School member)

The former After School idol has two adorable kids. The oldest is Noah and he was born in 2016, while his younger brother Yang Si On was born in 2018!

8. Rain

Rain and his wife, Kim Tae Hee, are the proud parents of a sweet little girl! Just look at how happy Rain looks to be holding his daughter! In September 2019, Rain and Kim Tae Hee welcomed their second child, also a daughter.

9. Park Joon Hyung (g.o.d)

Park Joon Hyung married his wife non-celebrity wife in 2016 and they welcomed their first child a year later!

The proud papa took to Instagram right after she was born posting, “Princess was born! And she is very healthy and strong. Now I am Papa Joon!” And ever since then, his Instagram is packed with sweet pictures of her!

10. Ko Ji Yong (formerly of SECHSKIES)

Although Ko Ji Yong doesn’t really take part in any SECHSKIES activities anymore, his fans were able to see plenty of him and his son, Sungjae, on The Return of Superman during their time on the show between 2017-2019.

Sungjae, himself, has already captured everyone’s hearts because he’s just so darn adorable!

11. Eugene (S.E.S)

The S.E.S beauty married Ki Tae Young in 2011 and welcomed their first child, Rohee, in 2015.

Since then Rohee has gained a lot of attention thanks to her time on The Return of Superman. And if you were wondering, she has had playdates with both Ko Ji Yong‘s son and Shoo‘s daughters!

12. Dongho (former U-KISS member)

Dongho married his non-celebrity wife in 2015 at the young age of 21. Six months later and he and his wife welcomed their son, Asher, into the world. Since then Dongho has become a parenting pro! Sadly, Dongho and his wife decided to divorce, but his love for his son hasn’t changed a bit.

13. Gary

Gary married his non-celebrity wife in 2017 and the couple welcomed their son 7 months later. Although he was relatively secretive when it comes to his wife and child at first, he’s still one proud dad and has been revealing them more often. He really can’t help himself from posting pictures of his bundle of joy!