15 Male K-Pop Idols Whose Visuals Don’t Match Their Voices

Sometimes looks can be deceiving

There are many cases in the music industry as a whole where a singer can surprise people with voices that don’t match their visuals. Whether they have really cute, soft visuals with a really deep, powerful voice, or really intimidating and intense visuals with light, high voices, there are numerous K-Pop idols who have this kind of trait. Here are 15 idols with voices that don’t quite match what their visuals might make you expect.

1. Felix (Stray Kids)

2. V (BTS)

3. D.O (EXO)

4. JB (GOT7)

5. Taeyong (NCT)

6. Han (Stray Kids)

7. San (ATEEZ)

8. Leo (VIXX)

9. Chanyeol (EXO)

10. Taeyang (BIGBANG)

11. Youngmin (AB6IX)

12. Yunho (ATEEZ)

13. JinJin (ASTRO)

14. Shownu (MONSTA X)

15. Baro (B1A4)