15+ K-Pop Songs That Has The Power To Give You Motivation To Work Out Harder

These songs are sure to keep you moving!

Working out is tiring and although we have certain health and fitness goals we want to achieve, it’s inevitable to encounter days when you just aren’t motivated or in the zone to work out. Lazy days are definitely something everyone encounters!

To help motivate you to work out harder, here are 20+ K-Pop songs you can add to your playlist to get you going!

1. 2NE1’s “I AM THE BEST”

This up beat song will remind you and motivate you to push harder because you are the best!

2. BTS’s “Not Today”

BTS‘s “Not Today” will definitely help you say no to laziness today, and everyday!

3. BIG BANG’s “Bang Bang Bang”

This song will surely energize you to strive for greater lengths and finish your work out session with a bang!

4. CLC’s “Black Dress”

CLC‘s power hit “Black Dress” will give you just the right amount of energy to make sure you finish what needs to be done!

5. Stray Kids’ “Miroh”

Stray Kids is here to save you from an unproductive day with “Miroh.”

6. MOMOLAND’s “BBoom BBoom”

When you’re in a mood for a dance cario work out, this song is the perfect song to accompany your efforts!

7. BLACKPINK’s “Boombayah”

Another powerful track to make sure you get up and do your day right!

8. SISTAR’s “Touch My Body”

SISTAR‘s “Touch My Body” will surely motivate you to get up on our feet and start moving around!

9. SEVENTEEN’s “Hit”

SEVENTEEN will make sure you HIT your goals with this energizing track!

10. I.O.I’s “Very Very Very”

Another very upbeat track you can’t stay still to, I.O.I.‘s “Very Very Very” will surely get you moving!

11. G-DRAGON’s “Good Boy”

G-DRAGON‘s “Good Boy” is nothing less than exciting, so this will definitely make you dance around!

12. Cherry Bullet’s “Q&A”

For a more relaxed work out, Cherry Bullet‘s “Q&A” will help you achieve your goals!


It’s impossible to keep still when listening to SOMI‘s “BIRTHDAY!”

14. KEY’s “I Wanna Be” (Feat. Soyeon)

For a more relaxed work out routine, Key‘s “I Wanna Be” which features Soyeon from (G)I-DLE will surely make you want to keep pushing!

15. Red Velvet’s ‘Power Up”

Be ready to receive power from the girls of Red Velvet!

16. ASTRO’s “Call Out”

“Call Out” by ASTRO is a very fun and lively song that will motivate you to achieving a healthier lifestyle!

17. ITZY’s “WANT IT?”

ITZY‘s here to remind you that you want to achieve your goals! If you want it, you’ll have to push harder!

18. ONEUS’s “Valkyrie”

ONEUS will keep you going and will give you a lot of energy with their hit song, “Valkyrie!”