Here Are The 15 Least Viewed K-Pop Girl Group Music Videos Of All Time

Some of the videos have less than 10k views.

With how many K-Pop groups debut each year, only a few can rise to the top. Sadly, some remain unrecognized by the public. Here are the 15 least viewed girl group music videos of all time.

15. “May Be” – Cherry On Top

Views: 27K

14. “U Me Us” – Kitten Girls

Views: 23K

13. “Hello” – Maywish

Views: 21K

12. “Wake Me Up” – Blue Fox

Views: 17K

11. “Soldier” – New.A

Views: 20K

10. “U Lie” – Holics

Views: 20K

9. “White Day” – Hi Cutie

Views: 15K

8. “ZZZ” – S2U

Views: 9K

7. “Like It” – Chic Angels

Views: 9K

6. “Be You” – CST

Views: 9K

5. “Thump Thump” – Blity

Views: 7K

4. “Love Like a Flower” – Flow Sisters

Views: 7K

3. “Masquerade” – Flor_us

Views: 6K

2. “Promise You” – BEBE6

Views: 5K

1. “Yellow” – XOX

Views: 5K