15 “Legendary” Performances From 2nd Generation K-Pop That New Fans Need To See, According To OG Fans

How many of these have you seen?

There are some performances in the K-Pop industry that go beyond one generation to become timeless. With the third and fourth generation currently trending in the music genre, some new fans might not be familiar with iconic performances from the past. Some OG fans created a forum to share what they think are legendary performances that all fans should see, and these are 15 of the top recommendations!

1. This “rooftop” version of Girls’ Generation’s “Genie”

This performance had a whopping 17.2% rating when it first aired (about 8,600,000 viewers), which is insane even by today’s standards!

2. f(x)’s performance of “LaChaTa” in the pouring rain

Talk about professionalism! Even drenched, the girls pulled off this performance flawlessly.

3. 2NE1’s comeback performance on the 2015 MAMAs

This highly anticipated comeback was much-loved by fans, especially since it was their first performance after Park Bom‘s drug scandals and they were thrilled to see her performing again.

4. G-Dragon’s performance of “Niliria” at KCON LA 2013

This performance was iconic with its inclusion of Missy Elliot, who was one of the first American artists to collaborate with a K-Pop artist!

5. Girls’ Generation’s performance of “The Great Escape” and “Mr. Taxi” at the MTV Video Music Aid Japan 2011

This performance proves that Girls’ Generation truly deserved the title of the nation’s girl group back in their prime!

6. This 2008 TVXQ medley performed at MKMF

This was TVXQ’s last performance for MKMF before it became the show that it is today  MAMA! They were known as some of the kings of K-Pop back then for a reason.

7. Lee Hyori and CL performing “Bad Girls” together

This is still one of the most iconic female duo collabs in the industry!

8. The 2011 SMTOWN year-end stage at SBS Music Festival

This performance featured so many of SM Entertainment‘s talented artists in one show filled with dancing, singing, martial arts, and all kinds of other talents, and was even the first public performance of some EXO members! It also showcases several idols’ skills playing musical instruments.

9. And the 2012 S.M. The Performance Show on SBS

This performance featured some of the best dancers in the industry at the time, from several different SM Entertainment idol groups.

10. This 2009 performance of “Love in the Ice” by DBSK

This is still considered one of the best vocal performances in the industry, and for good reason. DBSK’s vocals were no joke!

11. INFINITE performing “The Chaser” at The Color of K-Pop 2012

INFINITE’s performance skills paired with the incredible live orchestra made for an absolutely legendary stage.

12. G-Dragon performing “Crooked” on M Countdown in 2013

WINNER and iKON members served as backup dancers for G-Dragon’s hyped up performance at this show while they were still trainees!

13. BIGBANG’s performance of “Fantastic Baby” at the 2013 MAMAs

These guys really knew how to own a stage, even without much dancing involved!

14. CL’s incredible medley performed at the 2015 MAMAs

No one can deny that the solo power that CL has is unreal, and this stage just proved she can rock an entire stadium on her own.

15. SHINee’s performance of “Excuse Me Miss” during their SHINee World Concert IV 2015 Tour

This performance was considered a fan-favorite specifically, but was also incredibly memorable for anyone that watched it. SHINee’s members are truly dance and vocal kings.


Source: Forum