15+ Memorable And Relatable AF Experiences Of ARMYs When They First Started Joining The BTS Fandom

#10 will make you laugh loudly, and then nod in agreement after.

Joining a popular fandom like BTS‘s has its perks: you get to interact and engage with thousands of ARMYs who love the same idols as you do.

What did these first-time ARMYs experience when they first joined the BTS fandom?

Here are 15+ memorable, relatable and sometimes hilarious AF tweets that ARMYs shared about their “first time”:

1. BTS keeps ARMYs going

2. How many members are there again?

3. Great things sometimes come from weird beginnings

4. It’s okay, we’re all in this together

5. “Yeah, I’ll have one bangtan to go, please”

6. That’s too much coffee for you, sis

7. Speaking of coffee…

8. “Nice to meet you, I’m Yoongi Hyung”

9. Thousands of ARMYs can relate to this cute mistake

10. Shout-out to Queen B

11. It’s like travelling back in time

12. Where’s the lie, though?

13. It’s also one of their most embarrassing moments

14. Who else made the same mistake?

15. Can you imagine the amount of heartbreak?

16. Wow, their love for their country’s defense organization is really something

17. Get yourself a man who doesn’t make you wait (for a long time)

18. BTS is helpful to ARMYs dealing with their mental health concerns

19. Wait, Jin! No, V! Uh, J-Hope! Can I try again?

20. How wrong you are, my friend

21. Welcome to Bangtan, everyone

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