Here’s 15 Moments BTS’s Jungkook Was The Barista Of Every Fans’ Dreams

Coffee anyone?

We know BTS‘s golden maknae Jungkook is truly a jack of all trades in any field you throw him in. From games to straight up talent, there’s nothing this guy can’t do. As for losing, that’s not in his dictionary! Here’s a compilation of Jungkook ‘barista’ moments that will have you wishing he was the guy making your coffee every morning.

1. He looks amazing just preparing the coffee

2. Show us a face like that and we’ll be back to buy coffee every day

3. Here’s your coffee, ARMY

4. This is how he will look at you as you take your first sip

5. Jungkook asking you if you want a refill

6. This is him during his break drinking coffee that he made

7. This is his reaction after you tell him the coffee was wonderful

8. He proves his barista skills by using only one hand

9. Hello I’m Kookie and I’ll be your waiter today

10. We’ll take JK in an apron any day

11. Have you ever seen someone look this cute in an apron?

12. Jungkook testing out different types of coffee

13. Jungkook looking quite satisfied with his coffee-making skills

14. His “Coffee? I got you baby” face

15. This is how baby kookie drinks his coffee

Let’s not pretend like we’ve never fantasized about Jungkook being our barista! I mean, just look at him!