15+ Moments Kang Daniel Made Our Hearts Skip A Beat

There’s no question as to how he captured the nation’s heart.

1. When he flirts with fans at fansigns and makes them feel like the only girl in the room.


2. When he was hit with water but dried his hair in the sexiest way possible, finished with a little smile.


3. When he shared the sweetest peck with Daebak.


4. When he showed just show sexy one could be while taking a shot.


5. When he looked like an IRL boyfriend coming out of the airport gates after flying to see you.


6. When he held his member’s hand in this heart-stopping way, making all his stans wish they were the owner of that hand.


7. When he was dressed up and on his way to meet his speical lady with a lovely flower bouquet in hand. (His mom!)


8. When he fixed his fellow member’s clothes in the sweetest way.


9. Imagine Daniel coming up to you after a recording dressed like this, and then stealing a bite of your ice cream!


10. When he couldn’t handle the cuteness of a younger fan.


11. When he saw a fan crying and told her not to cry.


12. When he saw a fan holding a slogan with his name on it, held her hand, and then coolly walked away.


13. When Zico was explaining something intently, and Daniel played with his clothes cutely.


14. Even just his hand petting his baby kitty is super heart-fluttering.


15. When he spoke and looked so lovingly at ramen. Seriously, do those noodles know how lucky they are?


16. Imagine him waiting for you after school dressed up and with a cute present in hand. (The fact that he was waiting for his high school teacher is even cuter!)


17. And who could get over when he mouthed “will you accept this?”


Source: Nate Pann

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