15 Moments From MONSTA X I.M’s Behind The Scenes Of Filming “God Damn”

Some members dropped by to support the group’s youngest member!

MONSTA X‘s I.M released the music video for his solo track, “God Damn,” a few weeks ago and has been reminding fans why he’s swoon-worthy ever since. Recently, a video uploaded to the starshipTV YouTube channel took fans behind the scenes, which included many memorable moments.

Check out some of the special highlights from the process of making the music video!

1. His smile appears as soon as he finds the camera.

2. Exposing his special Minions sticker.

3. He’s had a little too much strawberry juice.

4. Acting cute whenever he gets the chance.

5. This face.

6. Making sure the glass is in fact made of sugar,

7. and then proceeding to crush it.

8. Touched by Hyungwon’s support.

9. Joohoney’s noisy entrance.

10. Hyungwon posing while all bundled up.

11. A sleepy smile from a hard-working maknae.

12. Straight back to work.

13. Showing fans where they should be.

14. Shooting a scene we all recognize.

15. That’s a wrap!

Check out the clip below and spot all the best moments!