15 Moments That Prove Just How Adorable BTS Jungkook’s Eyebags Really Are

Do you have ‘aegyo-sal’?

We all know just how cute our golden maknae BTS‘s Jungkook is with his cute bunny face and adorable eye bags. “Aegyo-sal” is the Korean term for the fat under the eyes that is seen as a sign of cuteness. Jungkook’s cute eye bags have received much attention from fans as it has become a part of his signature cute face. Let’s take a look at some adorable moments where his eye bags are the center of attention.

1. His eyes become the focus when wearing a mask

2. His eyes have become his signature look

3. You can tell it’s Jungkook just by looking at his eyes

4. He looks adorable even when his eyes are laughing

5. What an adorable bunny

6. His eye bags are fitting as he is the youngest member of the group

7. The eye bags also are the reason he gets the nickname of “doe eyes”

8. It looks like he’s been rocking them since he was a baby

9. He can go from cute to sexy

10. His eyes seem to sparkle along with the eye bags too

11. We love to see a happy, smiling Kookie

12. This is what cuteness looks like in human-form

13. You can see them more clearly in this fan-cam

14. His eye bags slowly form depending on how he moves his face

15. We love our Kookie no matter what he does

As the youngest member of the group, he continues to strive to show his talents not only with his visuals but with his musical skills and vocals too!