15 Oldie But Goodie K-Pop Songs That You Might Have Forgotten About

Blast from the past.

With so many new K-Pop groups in the entertainment industry today, there can be quite a variety of groups to listen to. Sometimes, there’s just too much new content that we forget about all the great music that was released in the past. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and jam out to some old but good K-Pop songs!

1. “One Shot” – B.A.P

B.A.P is a group that debuted in 2013 under TS Entertainment. This track is from their second EP and hit the number one spot on the Billboard World Albums Chart.

2. “Crazy” – TEEN Top

TEEN Top debuted under TOP Media in 2010 and is made up of five members. The sixth member L. Joe terminated his contract in 2017.

3. “Bingle Bingle” – U-KISS

U-KISS is a group that was formed by NH Media in 2008. Although originally a six-member group, they now currently consist of three members.

4. “Don’t Stop Can’t Stop” – 2PM

2PM was formed under JYP Entertainment in 2008 and currently has 6 members. Former leader Jay Park left the group in 2010.

5.“Shaking Heart” – C-Clown

C-Clown was a group made under Yedang Entertainment and consisted of six members. The group unfortunately disbanded after three years in 2015.

6. “Mona Lisa” – MBLAQ

MBLAQ was created by singer and actor Rain under his label, J. Tune Camp. Originally a five-member group, but consists of three members currently.

7. “Don’t Touch My Girl” – Boyfriend

Boyfriend was created in 2011 under Starship Entertainment. This group was known for being the first boy group to have twin members.

8. “Venus” – Hello Venus

Hello Venus is a girl group created by Tricell Media. This six-member group debuted in 2012 with their EP Venus.

9. “Trap” – Henry

Henry Lau is a Chinese singer, actor, classical violinist, and entertainer in both Korea and China. He debuted in 2008 as part of Super Junior-M. “Trap” is his first EP that started his solo career.

10. “Get Up” – EvoL

EvoL is a five-member girl group that debuted under Stardom Entertainment in 2012. They unofficially disbanded in 2015 after three of the members decided to leave the group.

11. “Party (XXO) – GLAM

GLAM is a 4-member girl group that debuted under Big Hit Entertainment in 2012. They are currently the first and last girl group to debut under this label. Around 2015, it was revealed that the group had disbanded after they decided to go their separate ways.

12. “Midnight Circus” – Sunny Hill

Sunny Hill is a group that was created by For Everyone Media in 2007. Originally a 7-member group, one member left in 2014 and 2 more in 2019.

13. “How Nice Would It Be” – Lunafly

Lunafly is a group that debuted under Nega Network in 2012.

14. “My Style” – Brown Eyed Girls

Brown Eyed Girls debuted under Nega Network in 2006 and consists of four members.

15. “Message” – MYNAME

MYNAME is a group created under H2 Media and is composed of five members. They debuted in 2011 with their digital single Message.

Do you remember any of these songs? What is your favorite song from the past?