Here Are 15 Times Of ITZY’s Yuna Proved She Has Lovely Doll-Like Visuals

She’s doesn’t call herself the “Barbie” of K-Pop for nothing.

ITZY‘s Yuna is unbelievably gorgeous both on and off stage! Yuna is so beautiful that many have compared her visuals to a doll and she once even called herself the “Barbie” of K-Pop!

Here are 15 times ITZY’s Yuna Proved she has lovely doll-like visuals:

1. Her side profile is perfect

2. Her gaze is mesmerizing

3. She has the softest visuals!

4. She looks gorgeous in anything just like a perfect Barbie doll!

5. She has the brightest smile

6. She has stunning proportions

7. Yuna can pull of the coolest looks

8. Her visuals are just as sweet as she is

9. Like Barbie, Yuna goes well with any concept

10. Her skin is glowing

11. She has the best style to go with her doll-like visuals

12. Yuna has the prettiest round doll-like eyes

13. Gorgeous at every angle

14. How can she be pretty even when she cries?

15. No matter what hairstyle she tries, Yuna’s visuals will always leave us speechless