15+ Adorable Pictures Of BTS’s Jimin Pouting Like A Sullen Puppy

He’s too cute 🥺

All ARMYs would know that BTS‘s Jimin is one of the cutest people they’ve ever laid eyes on, and he’s at peak cuteness when he pouts like a puppy! With his soulful eyes and penchant for pouting, you’d be heartless to not agree.

Read on to see 15+ pictures and gifs of Jimin pouting like a sad puppy…and yes, he can’t possibly get any cuter than this!

1. Cute with a touch of bad boy

2. Extra cute with a rabbit hat on

3. Double cute with the addition of RM

4. Classically cute wearing a suit

5. Cutie sitting like a kid

6. Cute buff man with strong muscles

7. Cute dressed up as Santa

8. Cutely disagreeing with someone

9. Cute cartoon that looks exactly like him

10. Cute all bundled up in winter clothes

11. Cute and handsome in one man

12. Cute with an oversized shirt on

13. Cute wearing a sunshine yellow jersey

14. Cute looking down and pouting

15. Cute staring off into space

16. Cutest aegyo award goes to…

17. Cutest person alive, period.

Source: Nate


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