15 Pictures Of Idols In The Military That Will Show You A Whole New Side To Them

They’re not just pretty boys.

Considering how men in South Korea are required by law to undergo military service for two years, it’s no surprise fans are eager for all the news they can get while waiting. Perhaps the best gift of all is when their idol is spotted in a picture! These idols always look more ruggedly handsome with their short hair and uniform, making them somehow seem more mature.

Read on to see 15 male idols who were spotted in a picture while on active duty…and looked better than ever!

1. Sungjae

2. Baro

3. Jinu

4. Seunghoon

5. Key

6. Onew

7. Xiumin

8. Minho

9. N

10. Jaehyo

11. Doojoon

12. Jisung

13. Junho

14. Taecyeon

15. Minhyuk