15+ Pictures Of Park Seo Joon And His Adorable Dog To Brighten Up Your Day

Warning: cuteness overload!

Everyone, meet actor Park Seo Joon‘s one true love…

Yes, his dog.

His super small, super sweet dog.

This adorable fluffball is named Simba.

How cute is his perfectly round head?

It wouldn’t take a genius to see that Park Seo Joon loves him⁠⁠ to the moon and back.

Just look at the way he tightly embraces him.

The way he looks at his dog, though. So much love.

He takes care of Simba as if he were his actual child.

He proudly takes pictures with him…

And doesn’t miss an opportunity to post selfies with him on his Instagram account.

He even takes Simba to work.

The lucky dog comfortably snuggles into Park Seo Joon’s arms without missing a beat. Can we please exchange places?

Wearing all white, Park Seo Joon really looks like Simba’s father in this picture.

Of course, they had to pose for a family picture.

This one deserves to be framed and hung on a wall.

Last but not the least, here’s a picture of Park Seo Joon and Simba all dressed up for Halloween…as pumpkins.

Yes, we didn’t think it could get any cuter, either.