Here Are 15+ Pictures That Prove ATEEZ’s Mingi Has Both Baby And Bad-A** Visuals

He’s definitely a duality king.

ATEEZ is a group that’s full of duality kings, and Mingi is no exception. When he’s performing, he often comes across as an intense, charismatic, bad-a** rapper, and he is! But most ATINYs know that that’s not all there is to his personality, and in fact, whenever he’s not performing, Mingi oftentimes has the softest, cutest, most adorable personality you could imagine. He does have the nickname “Princess Mingi” for no reason! Here are 15+ images that prove his dual visuals.

1. He looks like absolute sunshine in yellow.

2. But look how intense his stare can be!

3. Who’s the baby shark? It’s Mingi!

4. Yet he can look so slick and cool in the right outfit.

5. He’s always making adorable heart shapes by his cheeks!


6. Yet when he’s on stage, he gets that fierce intensity every time.

7. How soft does he look in this pastel bucket hat, though?

8. But then again… Fans went wild when he debuted this amazing undercut hairstyle.

9. With a rose-colored filter, he looks like the cutest boyfriend material ever.


10. But… We can’t forget about this stage that happened.

11. He isn’t afraid to wear cute accessories either!

12. But when he wants to, he looks anything but soft.

13. Who wouldn’t want to be told good night by this cutie?


14. But on stage again, he radiates charisma and power.

15. Pastel colors of all kinds suit him really well!

16. But never forget, he has the ability to completely switch when he wants to.

No matter what vibes Mingi gives off, he’s always good-looking, and fans love his dual nature for good reason!