Here Are 15 Pieces Of Hand-Made BTS Merch That Are Absolute “Dynamite”

ARMYs, you might want to get your wallets out.

With the release of “Dynamite”, BTS fans are having a great time streaming the song and watching the view count increase at a rapid pace. It might feel like you should reward yourself for working so hard to help them break records, so here are some great merchandise ideas created by hand by other ARMYs! They’re a great way to get some awesome, unique BTS merch while also supporting fellow fans and talented artists. So go ahead and check these Etsy listings out!

1. This gorgeous “Stay Gold” phone case by AboutThatBangtanLife.

This stunning glitter-filled, shockproof case is the perfect way to show your love for BTS’s latest Japanese single.

2. This awesome BT21 nightlight made by IShopbt21.

This may not look hand-made, but it is! It was created by etching on plastic, and can also be lit with 7 different colors.

3. These inspirational framed BTS quotes by cherrybangtan.

These pretty prints were hand-drawn by the artist inspired by the “Love Yourelf” albums, and are available in both 5″x7″ and 8″x10″ sizes.

4. These delicate “Love Yourself”-inspired earrings created by moonchildworld.

These beautifully delicate earrings were hand-crafted out of silver wire, inspired by the heart designs on the “Love Yourself” albums.

5. These skillfully painted BTS fashion prints by WatercoloursBySherry.

These paintings were inspired by BTS’s airport fashion, and comes in a set of 7 prints of the original artwork.

6. This adorable “Love Yourself”-inspired tote by UkiStationary.

This adorable “Love Yourself”-inspired bag is made from sturdy canvas, created by a talented ARMY in Thailand!

7. This pretty “I Purple You” beret made by CutiePlease.

This cute beret is made through felting soft wool, as well as embroidered with the famous “I Purple You” phrase. It also comes in white and black with purple embroidery.

8. These adorable BT21 stickers made by YAYAprintz.

These sweet BT21 stickers were hand-drawn by the artist, and come in both large and small sizes.

9. These unique BTS song streaming stickers made by YehetMonkey.

These neat stickers are made of of vinyl, so they’re waterproof and great for any kind of surface!

10. This gorgeous “We Are Bulletproof”-inspired journal made by AboutThatBangtanLife.

The spiral notebook contains 118 ruled line pages, and is approximately 6″x8″. It would be so cute for taking notes in class!

11. This hilarious BTS-engraved wooden spoon made by SillyJokes.

If you love to cook and love BTS, this amazing wooden spoon engraved with the members’ faces is totally safe for kitchen use.

12. This pretty Map of the Soul: 7 ~The Journey~ logo enamel pin made by NatsBeadsCo.

This gorgeous enamel pin, mimicking the design on the album’s cover, is made of hard enamel and coated with gold plating.

13. This fun BTS logo cookie cutter mold by LeccaBecca.

Now you can make all your foods BTS-shaped with this fun cutter, which is made of biodegradable PLA plastic!

14. This iconic BTS meme button pins created by Ravefirell.

Relive some of BTS’s greatest meme moments with this series of button pins, which are drawn by the seller and punched out by their mom!

15. And finally, this concert-appropriate clear backpack made by DdalgiCafeShop.

Most concerts these days only allow clear backpacks to be brought in, so this is perfect for your next BTS concert!