15+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Gorgeous AF In Bold Red

She’s fiery like the color red!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a total queen and rules at whatever she does and wears! While Lisa is effortlessly stunning, a bold red lip helps add a bit of glam to her look!

1. She is the definition of “Gorgeous”

2. Graceful

3. A red lip matched with a red jumpsuit!

4. She’s incredibly elegant in red


5. She’s on fire when she dances!

6. Nothing better than a bright red lip!


7. She knows how to pull off a romantic casual look! Perfect for Paris!


8. A pretty red lip can brighten up a whole look

9.  A sparkly red lip is on another level!


10. Red hair, don’t care!


11. Sultry gaze and lips


12. You don’t want to mess with her

13. A red lip always pops

14. You can’t take your eyes off her. Especially in that red top!

15. She’s a total rockstar


16. Red from head to toe


17. Nothing is better than a splash of red during Christmas!


18. That smile is brighter than her red top!


19. This was an iconic performance

20. Her red tips nails are so cute and so is Lisa with her father!



21. She’s “Pretty Savage