Here Are 15+ Times Red Velvet’s Joy Rocked A Bright Red Lip

She puts the “Red” in Red Velvet.

Red Velvet‘s Joy is incredibly beautiful and she stuns in every color out there. While she rocks every color, she especially looks glamorous with a red lip!

Here are 15+ times Joy rocked a bright red lip:

1. The color red looks great even with a summer look

2. The definition of stunning

3. Her gaze is as intense as her red lips

4. The queen of red lipstick

5. Red nails to match

6. Making us blush

7. The perfect model for a red lip

8. Is she even real?

9. Fierce makeup for a fierce performance

10. Forever iconic

11. She always has some red lipstick with her

12. Joy looks incredibly classy with a red lip and bangs

13. A red lip also works for a casual look

14. The color red is almost as bright as her bubbly personality

15. Love the sultry look

16. Soft yet powerful! Her duality is insane!

17. A sophisticated queen


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