15+ Relatable ATINY Reactions To ATEEZ’s “Inception” MV

This comeback is absolute fire.

ATEEZ just came out with their new music video, “Inception”, and it’s already a huge hit. Fans have been eagerly awaiting the much-anticipated comeback, and the group definitely didn’t disappoint! Between gorgeous visuals, incredible choreography (including dancing in water!), and a beautiful, haunting sound and aesthetic, ATEEZ has showed that they’re not holding anything back in this new era. ATINYs have taken to Twitter to express their feelings for the new release, and they’re all extremely relatable if you’re a fan of the group!

1. If you’re not stanning already… Why not?

2. They are truly kings of the new generation!

3. They truly love and care for their fans…

4. We all feel the same way about this incredible moment.

5. Seonghwa stans, how you holding up?

6. This seems like it would be accurate, and well-deserved!

7. How many times can someone retweet??

8. Please no injuries from over-working for this amazing comeback, boys!

9. All of their other albums are incredible, but…

10. Seriously… How are they still a rookie group with their level of professionalism?

11. Hongjoong and Mingi deserve all the love and admiration!

12. Not going to argue with that!

13. This comeback is quickly breaking records for them!

14. The pain waiting for the albums to arrive is real… Just look at them!

15. It really was a whole masterpiece

16. Let’s make it happen this year!

17. Really, if you’re not stanning ATEEZ yet, it’s about time!

If you haven’t already watched it (or even if you have and want to watch it again), check the “Inception” MV out below!