15 Of The Most Requested K-Pop Songs From The 2021 Seoul Queer Parade Playlist

Some groups made it on the list multiple times!

Pride month may be over, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still celebrate! Here is a list of some of the most requested K-Pop songs from this year’s Seoul Queer Parade (SQP). While the official playlist doesn’t include rankings, the group did announce which songs were the most requested throughout the event’s duration. Check it out below!

15. AB6IX – “VIVID”

AB6IX’s 2020 single “VIVID” was one of the most requested songs! This dreamy bop is the perfect addition to any playlist. Plus its lyrics mention colors and rainbows a lot — super fitting for pride!

14. SEVENTEEN – “Ready To Love”

SEVENTEEN’s sweet love song “Ready To Love” is one of the group’s many songs on the SQP playlist! It’s all about falling in love for the first time and taking the dive.

13. Red Velvet – “Parade”

From the title alone, it’s easy to see why Red Velvet’s “Parade” was one of the most requested songs this year! Its Korean title is “Hello, Summer,” and it’s from the group’s The ReVe Festival album, making it perfect for all your pride celebrations.

12. NCT DREAM – “Rainbow”

Staying perfectly on theme, “Rainbow” by NCT DREAM just makes perfect sense on this playlist. This gentle, heartfelt track about finding people who share your dreams and happiness is a fitting soundtrack for those more chill pride moments.

11. (G)I-DLE – “Oh My God”

(G)I-DLE’s “Oh My God” was written by Soyeon, and it’s definitely a fan-favorite! The members sing about falling in love and the chorus says, “Oh my god, she took me to the sky,” so it’s easy to see why this hit was the fourth most requested song during SQP’s second week!

10. Joy – “Hello”

“Hello” marks Joy’s second appearance on the playlist! This refreshing track is all about moving forward from the pain in the past and looking forward to brighter days.

9. OH MY GIRL – “Dun Dun Dance”

“Dun Dun Dance” is all about letting yourself get lost in the music and just having the time of your life! It’s the perfect feel-good track for any time of year, but especially during pride month.

8. Girls’ Generation – “Into The New World”

“Into The New World” began Girls’ Generation’s incredible career on a high note, and it’s still beloved by K-Pop fans all around the world! The members sing about entering a new world with people they love and leaving behind bad memories.

7. SEVENTEEN – “Hit”

“Hit” is another one of SEVENTEEN’s multiple songs on the SQP playlist! It’s the perfect song for having a good time, and considering one of the lyrics says, “The world is our PRIDE of PRIDE,” it’s easy to see why it was so highly requested. It was the most requested song during the second week!

6. Wheein – “water color”

Wheein’s debut EP Redd featured the track “water color,” which is all about following your heart and staying true to yourself. It’s a great confidence booster that totally belongs on the SQP playlist!

5. LOONA Chuu – “Heart Attack”

Chuu’s single “Heart Attack” is definitely a favorite among LGBT+ K-Pop fans! The lyrics focus on discovering what love is for the first time, and the music video shows Chuu chasing after fellow LOONA member Yves.

4. aespa – “Next Level”

“Next Level” by aespa was the fourth most requested song during the first week of the Seoul Queer Parade! It’s been a smash hit throughout Korea and its lyrics about strength and, well, being on the next level totally fit the SQP vibes.

3. Lee Daehwi – “Rose, Scent, Kiss”

AB6IX Lee Daehwi’s “Rose, Scent, Kiss” focuses on confidence and having the courage to go your own way, despite what other people might say. This track was the second most requested song during SQP’s second week!

2. ONF – “Beautiful, Beautiful”

ONF’s “Beautiful, Beautiful” was the second most requested song during the first week of SQP! With lyrics like, “We are in full bloom, Beautiful,” it definitely deserves one of the top spots on this colorful playlist.

1. SEVENTEEN – “Rocket”

Last but certainly not least is yet another hit from SEVENTEEN! Joshua and Vernon’s collaboration on this energetic love song makes it a certified favorite among SEVENTEEN fans. It was the most requested song for the second week of Seoul Queer Parade!

Check out the full playlist below!

Source: YouTube and SQCF