15 Rookie Groups From The First Half Of 2021 You Should Be Listening To

With so many monster rookies out there, how can we keep up?!

A lot of K-Pop groups are made every year, but how many do you actually hear about? It can be easy to miss a debut when so much is happening in the community, but that’s why we’re here to help. While there were most likely several other debuts this half of the year, we hope these 15 help you in your search!

1. Ciipher

After recently creating his own company (RAIN Company), Rain has finally introduced his first group in March, Ciipher! As expected by idols chosen from a famous veteran, these boys are immensely talented and chose to show their charms in a much more cute, everyday music video.


Although they had 2 pre-debut tracks, “Ponzona” was the group’s official debut in March. Following MAMAMOO‘s footsteps, the girls trained under RBW Entertainment and show gorgeous vocals and an amazingly dark, girl-crush-esque vibe.

3. T1419

T1419 is a group of “teenagers who met at the age of 14-19 that express their passion through music.” They debuted back in January under MLD Entertainment as the brother group to MOMOLAND. You can tell the boys have so much passion for what they do, and their concept is brightly colored and fun while still being the bad-boy style.


TRI.BE took the K-Pop world by storm by debuting in February with an incredibly catchy and fun song. Their success is made even more impressive because it is both TR Entertainment and Mellow Entertainment‘s first group! They certainly have the style and flow to make it a long way.


KINGDOM wowed fans with their incredibly unique Knights and Kingdoms concept. In fact, each member represents their own Kingdom and a King from history. As GF Entertainment’s second-ever group, they show an interestingly unique style while keeping in with the darker themes trending today.


| ALLART Entertainment

This girl group continues the dark theme by debuting with “Wings” in February. They are under ALLART Entertainment but are managed by Happy Tribe Entertainment. Their choreography is almost ritualistic in a sense, and their voices carry you into their world. They’re definitely worth becoming your new girl crush!


MIRAE brings a fresh, bright, and futuristic aesthetic to 2021 worthy of their name, which means future in Korean. They are under DSP Media, which means they are in good hands as they come from the same place as KARD and April! Despite just debuting, their skills are already on par with the successful groups of today.


| ANS Entertainment

MAJORS debuted in March under ANS Entertainment. This song is very powerful sounding and is the perfect kind of music to blast on high volume in the car. These girls have been through quite a lot but already seem to be doing quite well for their new beginning.

9. NTX

| @ntx_victory/Instagram

Although they released several songs before this one, this was their official debut in March. They debuted under Victory Company with a whopping 10 members! The boys show amazing effort and determination especially considering that they produced the entire song! The song is deep with meaning while still being very entertaining to watch.


HOT ISSUE truly brought the heart with their fierce track “GRATATA” in April! As the first group created under S2 Entertainment, their entire video is such high-quality. They perfectly nail the girl-crush concept and create high energy that makes you want to get up and move.

11. EPEX

Many fans were skeptical about this debut due to the concept but quickly grew to love it once the song was released. The rapping is outstanding, and many fans love the relatability in the lyrics that discuss the problems the world faced during the COVID-19 pandemic. They come from C9 Entertainment which houses several incredible talents such as CIX, Cignature, and Younha.


CUBE Entertainment‘s girl group is on their way today, and if you haven’t been hyped for their debut, now’s your chance! From the teasers, it seems like they will be both a sweet group with some cool and energetic energy.

13. WAO

Debuting under King Top Entertainment in April, WAO stands for “We Are the One.” As the second group ever produced for the company, these boys certainly have a ton of potential! Their visuals are sleek, their dancing powerful, and their singing strong.


Debuting under WUZO Entertainment just last month (May), BLITZERS flips the switch as they incorporate a fun rock sound into their title track! Although rock has always been around, it has not been that popular. These boys pull it off with an impressive music video and deep voices.

15. ATO6

| YG Kplus Entertainment

This group is extremely unique as it is made up entirely of models! Although some may have doubts at first, these boys really prove that they can not only look good but also dance and sing very well! They debuted under YG Kplus Entertainment which is a modeling agency under YG Entertainment. Go support these boys who will smooth talk you into loving them!

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