15 Small Details In K-Pop Music Videos That Fans Can’t Help But Fall In Love With

It’s the small things that count.

In all K-Pop music videos, there’s always a moment that fans refer to as a “killing moment.” This can be an epic dance sequence or something like the climax of the song. But sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference too. Whether it’s a particular line, music drop, or dance move, these moments may not be considered a big deal in the broader spectrum of things. Yet they’ve still managed to leave fans feeling a little breathless.


1. The water feature in BTS’s “Fake Love”

There’s just something so aesthetically pleasing about this part in “Fake Love”. Watching the water flow around Jimin and knowing the music is going to start building up to the chorus at any minute has the ability to give every fan chills. Although it’s probably not considered the “killing part” of the video, it’s one that no one can forget.


2. The big reveal in G-Dragon’s “Crayon”

To many fans, this is the one part of the music video that really stands out. The simple act of the woman spinning around to reveal that she was indeed G-Dragon the entire time along with the line “Why so serious” have become iconic.


3. The ending of “Oh!” by Girls’ Generation

The fun and cute concept found throughout “Oh!” comes to a sudden halt at the very end of the video. After the song has ended, the girls return only to be confronted by a darker version of themselves. That small detail had SONEs expectantly waiting for the group’s next comeback in the hopes of seeing more of their serious side.


4. Rosé’s “On and on and on” in BLACKPINK’s “Playing with Fire”

Rosé‘s “on and on and on” line may seem like one of the most simple lines in the whole song, but it’s actually a huge deal to BLINKs. There’s something incredibly mesmerizing about this part and coupled with the dance moves the members do, it seems like pure perfection.


5. The bass drop in NU’EST W’s “Dejavu”

There are many great moments in this video and some pretty eye-catching parts too, but one part that has stolen many hearts is Aron‘s part with the bassline in “Dejavu”. His sweet vocals coupled with the instrument is simple yet so, so pleasing to the ears.


6. The completely different water feature in ONF’s “Complete”

A very simple use of great effects comes into play during “Complete”. During one portion of the MV, Wyatt grabs Hyojin and jumps in a pool. At this exact moment, the instrumentals become muffled like they too took a dunk under the water. Then the video does a reverse and the instrumentals pick up once more!


7. The sinister appearance in Red Velvet’s “Peek-A-Boo”

Before any music at all plays during this MV, everyone already knew it was going to be lit. But from the very first line, Irene whips out a razor blade and we all know we’ll be in for a rollercoaster of a ride with this one!


8. S.Coups’ flying into our hearts in SEVENTEEN’s “Clap”

The lead up to the second chorus of the song is simple and yet so cool with S.Coups heading towards the camera and pointing to the audience. And yes, he does this in the music video too!


9. Suho breaking through the 4th wall in EXO’s “Lucky One”

While all the other members seem to be staring off into space, Suho‘s quick glance over seems like he’s looking and speaking straight out to the everyone watching. The quick moment has given many fans chills every single time.


10. Close up dance in VIXX’s “Scentist”

There’s no arguing that VIXX‘s choreography is always fantastic, but this particular shot that leads to a serious close-up of the group seems to particularly stand out. As some fans say, it’s a little bit aggressive and a whole lot of cool.


11. This part in Apink’s “So Sick”

Naeun‘s “dalkomhae dalkomhae” is another line that might seem simple at first but has thoroughly captured fan’s hearts.


12. The epic rap finish in EXO’s “Monster”

After the epic rap sequence with Sehun and Chanyeol, Kai and Lay do a high-five before the group moves on to their amazing dance. While the high-five is so quick it would be easy to miss it, many EXO-Ls have noticed the simple gesture and think its the perfect way to continue the song.


13. Bring on the hose in NCT 127’s “Fire Truck”

There’s probably a good reason that SM Entertainment selected a still from this part of the music video as the feature for the MV because it’s so visually pleasing! A great use of black and white and an amazing lead into the rest of the song, it’s a moment that fans have been in love with from the very first watch.


14. “Tic Tok Tikita” in Dreamcatcher’s “What”

While the bed-flipping scene is probably one of the most iconic in Dreamcatcher‘s “What” some fans can’t help but think the “tic tok tikita” line is one of the best. And really the line does grab your attention and you’ll be left wanting to hear it once more. Time to put this song on repeat!


15. Introducing… in PENTAGON’s “Shine”

To be fair this is actually in all of PENTAGON‘s songs, but fans just can’t get enough of Yuto‘s introduction before his rap lines.