15 Snacks That Show Korea Is Just Better Than The Rest Of The World

Korean snacks are the best.

1. They have a soda made with milk.

It’s called Milkis. Don’t knock it until you try it because it’s delicious.


2. That delicious milk soda comes in an assortment of flavors.

Original, orange, and banana, are just a few of the many different flavors of milky goodness.


3. Speaking of milk, Korea has milk flavors that you never would have imagined. Chocolate Dippin Dots flavored milk anyone?


4. They have perfectly-made Eggs Benedict at your local convenience stores.

Let me reiterate: not a typical egg sandwich, but a perfectly-made Eggs Benedict. Runny yolk and all. It doesn’t get fancier than that!


5. Most things thought to be delicious can be found in chip-form. From Butter Caramel flavored Pringles…


6. …to Kimchi Jjigae (stew) flavored chips. You can find it all!

It’s basically a meal in a bag!


7. Kimbaps come in triangle form, and they are always perfect.

The layer of seaweed is always wrapped separately from the rice so it doesn’t get soggy. Just pull the middle tab, then peel the plastic from the sides!


8. Plus, there are dozens of flavors to choose from!

Tuna mayo, bibimbap, or galbi? Whatever you’re in the mood for, take your pick!


9. They find ways to one-up you favorite snacks. Green Tea brownies anyone?

How can you make brownies better? By adding green tea of course!


10. Korean Ramyun has reached another level. Like this Carbo Buldak Ramen.

A fusion of carbonara, buldak (fire chicken), and Korean ramyun noodles, think of creamy, spicy, deliciousness in noodle form.


11. Japanese anime characters + Spanish snack = Korean dessert.

Image Credit: fresh_lime’s blog.

Yes you heard that right. Korea has taken your favorite Japanese anime characters, fused them with a Spanish snack, and have created a delicious dessert available at most convenience stores.


12. Fruit soju. Get drunk while enjoying the taste.

Like partying over the weekends, but don’t like the taste of alcohol? Korea’s got you covered. With a pretty high alcohol content (10 – 15%), these flavored sojus taste like candy. Almost like getting drunk on Skittles.


13. Korea has ice cream bars for everyone! Want something fruity?

Then try a Watermelon Bar!


14. Do you prefer gelato? Macaroons? How about both?

It’s a macaroon filled with gelato. The best of both worlds.


15. Perhaps a tiramisu in a cup?

It’s a tiramisu… in a cup. Do we need to say more?