15+ Songs From Third-Generation K-Pop Groups That Fans Believe Will Be Iconic In The Future

These songs will be of legendary status one day!

With each generation of K-Pop that passes, fans get songs that are passed down through K-Pop history with an “iconic” status attached! Just like the second generation had iconic hits (like Girls’ Generation‘s “Gee”, Super Junior‘s “Sorry Sorry”, Wonder Girls‘ “Tell Me”, etc.), even the third generation have songs that are so well-liked, fans are certain they’ll be remembered as the songs down the line! Here are 15+ songs by third-generation K-Pop groups that fans believe will be iconic in the future!

1. “Red Flavor”- Red Velvet

| SM Entertainment

When Red Velvet released “Red Flavor” in 2017, it was an instant hit! The song topped various charts, and today, is considered an essential summer bop!


2. “Monster”- EXO

“Monster” by EXO is the one of the two title track released from their 2016 album Ex’Act, and went he song was released, it gained tremendous traction among K-Pop fans! The catchy song and memorable choreography made it an instant favorite, and fans are sure it will be fondly remembered as an iconic song!


3. “Cheer Up”- TWICE

| JYP Entertainment

“Cheer Up” is TWICE’s first comeback as a group, and is also the song that catapulted them into stardom! “Cheer Up” went viral when it was released, with Sana‘s adorable (and iconic) “Shy Shy Shy” line being copied by everyone everywhere!



| YG Entertainment

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” was the title track of BLACKPINK‘s first mini-album titled Square Up, and is one of their most iconic songs! The MV for the song has currently racked up over a billion views on YouTube, and fans are confident the song will be remembered as legendary!


5. “Dope”- BTS

| Big Hit Entertainment

“Dope” is one of BTS‘s follow up title tracks from their album The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt. 1, and has remained a fan-favorite for a long time!


6. “Love Scenario”- iKON

| YG Entertainment

iKON‘s “Love Scenario” is one of 2018’s most loved songs, and was a total hit among fans and casual listeners alike! It swept tons of awards, and fans are confident the song will retain its iconic status in the years to come!


7. “Growl”- EXO

| SM Entertainment

“Growl” is EXO’s 2013 breakthrough song, and shot them into fame and stardom! The song is noted to already be legendary among fans and netizens, alike!


8. “Rough”- GFRIEND

| Source Music

“Rough” is GFRIEND‘s title track from their 2016 album Snowflake, and helped cement their position as a top girl group, with everyone taking notice of their amazing vocals and knife-like choreography!


9. “Gashina”- Sunmi

| MAKEUS Entertainment

“Gashina” is Sunmi‘s first comeback after as a solo artist under MAKEUS Entertainment, and was an instant hit! The song did amazing on the charts, and tons of idols have covered the song as well!


10. “Gotta Go”- Chungha

| MNH Entertainment

Chungha‘s “Gotta Go” is well-known among K-Pop fans for how popular it was, and fans are sure that it will be remembered as one of the songs of the third generation!


11. “Fire”- BTS

| Big Hit Entertainment

BTS’s “Fire” is already iconic in Korea, and fans are certain the song is totally gonna pass down as one fo the best song of the third generation!


12. “Really Really”- WINNER

| YG Entertainment

“Really Really” is WINNER‘s first comeback as 4 members, and was released as the title track of their 2017 album Fate Number For. Tons of idols covered the song, and fans are sure that it will definitely be remembered as an iconic song!


13. “Bboom Boom”- Momoland

| MLD Entertainment

“Bboom Bboom” is Momoland‘s 2018 breakthrough sleeper hit, much after the original promotional period. The song went viral among fans and netizens, and will definitely be remembered as an iconic song of the third generation!


14. “Fancy”- TWICE

| JYP Entertainment

When TWICE released “Fancy” in 2019, fans were pleasantly surprised to see a shift in their concept! The girls of TWICE went from a bright, cute concept to a more mature, sexy concept with “Fancy”, and both the song and concept are iconic for fans!


15. “Boss”- NCT U

| SM Entertainment

“Boss” is the first comeback track of NCT U with a new lineup of members, when it was released, fans totally loved the track! Fans believe that “Boss” is a timeless song that will age like fine wine, and will be branded with an iconic status in times to come!


16. “Move”- SHINee’s Taemin

| SM Entertainment

“Move” is the title track of SHINee Taemin‘s first full album of the same name, released in 2017. The song is already considered an iconic anthem of the third generation, and is still being covered by tons of idols, even today!!


17. “Energetic”- Wanna One

| Stone Music Entertainment

Wanna One themselves are regarded as an iconic third generation group, and their debut song “Energetic” drew tons of attention from fans and netizens! As Wanna One ultimately disbanded, fans are certain that the nostalgia of how amazing the group was will keep the song alive as one of the best the third generation of K-Pop had to offer!


18. “Bad Boy”- Red Velvet

| SM Entertainment

“Bad Boy” is the title track of Red Velvet’s first repackage album released in 2018, titled The Perfect Red Velvet. The song is a favorite among fans, and shows a sexy, sultry side of Red Velvet that fans would definitely love to see more of!


19. “Boombayah”- BLACKPINK

“Boombayah” is BLACKPINK’s debut song, and really set the tone for what the group is capable of! The song and it’s catchy beat were a fan favorite upon its release, and fans believe the song will retain its iconic status in later generations as well!


20. “Very Nice”- SEVENTEEN

“Very Nice” is a song that fans associate most with SEVENTEEN, and believe it will carry the group’s legacy forward very well!


21. “Love Shot”- EXO

“Love Shot” is a title track from EXO’s 2018 repackaged album of the same name, and most K-Pop fans agree that it’s already iconic! The song has been covered tons of times by many idols, and will definitely keep coming up as a trademark song of the third K-Pop generation!


22. “Hip”- MAMAMOO

| RBW Entertainment

MAMAMOO‘s “Hip” is a song that is very loved by fans; along with the catchy melody, the symbolism in the lyrics and the MV is something that will stay with fans for a long time!

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