These Were 15 Of The Strangest, Most Unusual Outfits Worn By K-Pop Idols, Determined By Fans

Only idols could pull off these kinds of looks!

K-Pop is known to push the boundaries of fashion sometimes, and while oftentimes it works out really well, other times styling can be more questionable! The following looks are certainly unique, and while it’s totally subjective whether or not they are “good” outfits, there’s no denying that they’re unusual! Check out these 15 different strange, unique outfits that both individual idols and K-Pop groups have worn.

1. D.O’s extremely poofy shirt(?) for EXO’s “Wolf”

2. B.A.P’s unique “paint splattered” look for “Warrior”

3. Yuta’s long skirt that would definitely be difficult to dance in for NCT 127’s “Firetruck”

4. PSY’s more… feminine looks

5. NCT Johnny’s giant “fanny pack” that resulted in hilarious memes

6. Of course, you can’t forget Crayon Pop’s iconic helmets for “Bar Bar Bar”

7. All of T-ARA’s members in their cat outfits for “Bo Peep Bo Peep”

8. NU’EST’s strange combination of colors and styles for “Sleep Talking”

9. Wonho’s blazer with unique “windows”

10. This whole odd ensemble of things worn by NCT’s Mark

11. This dress that could be easily mistaken for a strange rug worn by BLACKPINK’s Lisa

12. This chartreuse number worn by Red Velvet’s Wendy during “Zimzalabim”

13. This… Whatever it is that G-Dragon wore

14. This unique rainbow ensemble worn by 2NE1

15. And finally, these iconic clear pants worn by J.Y. Park himself

Source: Forum