These 15+ Strong & Ambitious Idols Are Officially Slytherins

“Or perhaps in Slytherin you’ll make your real friends. Those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.”

Anyone who knows Harry Potter knows that Slytherins tend to be ambitious, meticulous, and achievement-oriented with strong leadership skills—the perfect traits for an idol! This house may have a bad reputation, but these 15 idols who sorted themselves there (or were sorted by their members) prove there’s nothing wrong with being a Slytherin.


1. Jimin & Suga (BTS)

In an interview for ARMY ZIP last year, Jimin revealed something fans had long suspected: his official Slytherin status. Jimin said he chose Slytherin because he likes their vibe, but oddly, he wouldn’t want to hang out with them. Instead, he classed himself as a Slytherin who would get along well with Gryffindor students and try to end the feud between the houses.

RM definitely knows Jimin well, because back in 2017 he sorted both Jimin and Suga into Slytherin house at a fansign.

Suga once said “I’m not a cheater, I just know how to survive in this cruel world”—no wonder RM put him in Slytherin.


2. Sehun & Kyungsoo (EXO)

When one lucky EXO-L got the chance to meet her idols, she had a very specific question for Chanyeol—which Hogwarts houses would the members be in? According to the fan, Chanyeol was super animated when he gave his answer: Sehun and D.O. would be in Slytherin.

Fans have long said that Sehun’s mature vibe and intense stares match the Slytherin atmosphere perfectly.

And if you have any doubts about D.O. as a Slytherin, don’t. According to the fan who asked, Chanyeol was emphatic when he insisted on his dongsaeng’s rightful house.


3. Soobin (TXT)

Anyone who remembers PAPER Magazine’s interview with TXT back in July 2019 might be confused to see Soobin on this list. After all, the leader hesitantly gave Hufflepuff as his answer when asked which Hogwarts house he’d be in.

However, it seems that Soobin’s hesitation was down to another house he knew he might belong to: Slytherin. At least, that’s what Yeonjun confirmed when TXT were choosing Harry Potter outfits.

Soobin, when you look closely, he looks evil!

— Yeonjun

Do you think Soobin is confident in his house choice, or did Yeonjun reveal the truth?


4. Sakura, Eunbi, Wonyoung & Hyewon (IZ*ONE)

In one of her SakuMail updates, Sakura was sure the set the record straight about which Hogwarts houses she and her IZ*ONE members would be in.

After sorting herself into Slytherin, Sakura confessed that she actually used to dislike the house. But once she got to know herself better, she stopped being a Gryffindor fan and accepted her true fate.

Fans weren’t surprised to see that Sakura sorted Eunbi into Slytherin, since her cold beauty aura goes perfectly with the house’s vibe. Sakura agreed that Eunbi would be a Hogwarts student who seemed cold but is actually really nice, and also said she’d have very strong magic skills.

According to Sakura, Hyewon would be a Slytherin who sleeps in the dorms instead of studying well. It seems that Hyewon would agree with Sakura’s choice, since she chose Slytherin robes for herself at Universal Studios.

And while Sakura sorted Wonyoung into Slytherin, she also said the maknae would be a great fit in Gryffindor. Either way, she said Wonyoung would be a genius underclassman.


5. Taeyeon (Girls’ Generation)

In a Q&A on Instagram, Taeyeon told fans that Slytherin is her “destiny”. She got to fulfill that destiny when she visited Universal Studios dressed head to toe in the Slytherin uniform.

Looking like Malfoy’s long-lost sister in the photos, Taeyeon joked about rumors that she died her hair blonde just to live out her Slytherin dream at the Harry Potter theme park.


6. Dayoung (Cosmic Girls)

At a fansign where the Cosmic Girls members were dressed up in Harry Potter costumes, one fan just had to know which house Dayoung belongs to. Her answer? Slytherin of course!

Dayoung didn’t reveal just why she chose the house for herself, but it probably has something to do with how ambitious and determined she is about being a great idol.


7. Olivia Hye (LOONA)

Olivia Hye has been sorted into Slytherin house by not one but two of her fellow LOONA members. Go Won sorted Olivia Hye way back in 2018 at a fansign.

Then again, last year, Choerry confirmed Olivia Hye’s Slytherin status to Orbits in their chat room.

Olivia Hye seems to have no objection to her members’ sorting choice, since she dressed up in Slytherin robes for a LOONA yyxy fansign.


8. Minhyuk & Kihyun (MONSTA X)

When asked about Hogwarts houses back in 2018, Shownu decided that two MONSTA X members belong in Slytherin: Hyungwon and Wonho. But fans were surprised by his answers, questioning whether he’d even read the books!

It seems he forgot the answers the members already gave in their KBS Star is What interview: the real Slytherins are cunning pair Minhyuk and Kihyun.


9. JiU, Handong, SuA & Siyeon (Dreamcatcher)

When a fan asked JiU to sort Dreamcatcher into Hogwarts houses, the leader didn’t hesitate to put herself in Slytherin. When she rocked her blonde hair, she definitely looked like a Malfoy.

She also put Handong in Slytherin with her. However, when Dami was asked the same question, she said that SuA and Siyeon were the Slytherins of the group, and that Handong is a Hufflepuff.

Dami sorted herself as Hufflepuff, which JiU got correct in her own answer. So, it definitely seems like JiU could be right about Handong too.

But Siyeon and SuA have both dressed as Slytherins in the past, so maybe all four members belong to the same house.