15 Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Showed Off Her High Quality Visuals In Low Quality Photos

#8 is just the cutest!

Many people need photoshoot-worthy photos of them to look good. Not BLACKPINK‘s Jennie! Her visuals shine no matter where, when, or how the shots of her are taken. Even with phone quality photos without any edits, she’s gorgeous.

Check out some examples below!

1. In a quick meet and greet with fans

2. In a mall with her mom

3. In a lunch date with Red Velvet’s Irene

4. On the streets with Rosé

5. In an event in Paris

6. In a Coachella performance

7. With her chipmunk-like cheeks

And when she’s…

8. Making a heart with a fan

9. Acting cute with Lisa

10. Being cute in general

11. Holding gifts with utmost care

12. Waving goodbye to BLINKs

13. Going to a fitting for Chanel

14. Catching everyone’s eyes in the airport

…and this was her press-taken look for the day.

15. And finally, taking a photo with Dua Lipa

…and this was the final outcome!