15+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Looked Like The Richest Kid On The Block

Luxurious from head to toe.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie always looks gorgeous. She can pull of a whole spectrum of looks, from cute to sexy. No matter what she’s going for, she always appears rich and luxurious.

Check some of her best ones below!

1. With her soft waves

2. With her “As If It’s Your Last” close-up

3. With her Chanel mint shirt

4. With her “Solo” behind-the-scenes

5. With her intense stage presence

6. With her polo shirt and bow

7. With her catwalk

8.  With Pucca hairstyle

9. With her magazine cover looks

10. With her fur coat

11. With her flower-power dress

12. With her top fashion attire

13. With her unique bed

14. With her “Just Got Out Of Bed” look

15. With her pink outfit

16. With her gorgeous blouse

17. And finally, with her pink uniform