15+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Looked Hot AF When Wearing Intense Eyeliner

Warning: Hotness Alert

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo has a very bright and gentle appearance that fans can’t help but love.

When her style turns dark and intense, however, her looks just get amplified even more. Here are over 15 times Jisoo looked hot when wearing noticeable eyeliner!


1. In Bazaar magazine

2. In a torn top

3. In the “BOOMBAYAH” music video

4. In her debut teaser photos

5. In her debut teaser photos part II


6. In a lace choker

7. In fiery red hair

8. In a bedazzled black outfit

9. In bright red and diamonds

10. In the “Kill This Love” teaser

11. In a Prada event

12. In a sparkly pink blazer

13. In a classy-yet-sexy black and white photoshoot


14. In bright contact lenses


15. In this iconic picture with Rosé

16. In pink highlights

17. And finally, in this close-up photo