15+ Times BTS’s Jimin Slayed With His Handsome Visuals

#11 tho…

If you’ve ever wondered whether it’s possible for a man to be both really hot and really cute, then look no further than BTS‘s Jimin. Jimin has got it all, but his visuals in particular are worth writing home about. With a face like his, it’s no wonder ARMYs can’t seem to get enough of him!

Read on to see 15+ gifs of Jimin slaying with his good looking visuals…not that we’re complaining.

1. When he stuck out his tongue

2. When he was too gorgeous for his own good

3. When he had a powerful aura

4. When he looked fierce

5. When he looked like a bad boy

6. When he caressed his neck

7. When he danced passionately

8. When he looked dashing in a suit

9. When he slayed gray hair

10. When his makeup was BOMB

11. When he looked like a prince

12. When he made eye contact with ARMY

13. When he slayed any pose he struck

14. When his jawline was so sharp it could cut

15. When he looked at ARMYs like he was in love

16. When he was drenched in sweat