15 Times BTS Members Lived Dangerously And Paid The Price

Someone please save these boys!

1. Unsteady chairs

Why did J-Hope ever think it was a good idea to lay on two wheeled office chairs? Fortunately, the chairs weren’t too high off the ground making for a much smoother landing.


2. Horsing around

Jimin is very strong and at one of their concerts let Jin ride around on his shoulders. At one point walking around a flailing Jin was just too much for him and he fell over. Jin was able to land on his feet without any problem but Jimin looked completely wiped out!


3. God of destruction

RM has been known as the the god of destruction for many years now. Oftentimes the members will joke about his destructive habits and how he manages to break things without even trying. While RM may not really get hurt from his powers, there’s still the chance that he could. For instance, if those glasses would have been closer to his face, he could have ended up poking his eye or scratching himself.


4. Ddakji danger

Jimin may have been playing an innocent game of Ddakji during one of their concerts, but instead he ended up falling. Luckily he didn’t fall off the stage because he could have gotten seriously hurt!


5. Bridge of terror

When the group went to film and do photoshoots in Chicago, J-Hope stepped way outside his comfort zone. While the bridge was almost certainly safe enough for him to be walking across, you can’t help but notice the large gaps in certain sections. If he would have fallen through he would have ended up very wet indeed and most likely would have gotten hurt too.


6. “Fire” fail

The boys are excellent dancers for sure but even they may have a misstep. During one performance of “Fire”, Jimin took a bit of a tumble. He lay there for a while to compose himself and then stood right back up and continued to perform. What a professional!


7. Stage situation

At one fan meeting Jimin was goofing around and accidentally fell off the stage. You can see that he was more embarrassed than anything. RM then helped him back up. Only a few moments later Jimin fell off again! Thank goodness he was aware he was going to fall and prepared himself or else he could have been injured.


8. Tricycle terror

The boys like to have a lot of fun during their concerts. On one occasion, Jimin was riding what seemed to be a tricycle. Unluckily for him, the bike flipped and he took a spill.


9. Seat slip

Jimin seems to be just a little bit accident prone. On one occasion, he even fell down when he was trying to sit. He wasn’t physically hurt but his members did continue to tease him about the incident.


10. Slippery slopes

Snowboarding can be really dangerous but it looks like Jin handled himself on the slopes pretty well. While he starts off a bit wobbly making people worried about him he makes it down the hill relatively easily. The only problem he encountered was when he got to the bottom and fell on his butt!


11. Segway a ccident

Segways are notoriously tricky to ride so when an idol gets on one you can’t help but be worried about them. Case in point was the time that Jungkook decided to ride one of the devices at a concert and almost had a huge accident. Not only could he have gotten hurt from the Segway itself but he could have fallen off the stage. Luckily Jimin was there to catch him!


12. Skate park fiasco

Skate parks are another danger-filled place. Just look at poor V who attempted to do a simple skateboarding trick and ended up hurting his knee!


13. Ice skating fail

V also had a bit of trouble when the group headed off to an ice skating rink. He can be seen wobbling around on the ice. At one point, the force of gravity and the slippery ice were just too much and V fell down.


14. Water slide mayhem

V also had trouble at a waterpark. He tried desperately to walk up the waterslide but kept falling instead!


15. Jump rope disaster

Who knew jumping rope could be dangerous? The boys were cutely dressed in their animal onesies and were going to see how many times they could jump the rope successfully as a group. Within the first go, all the members made it over. Although he made it over, V‘s foot caught on the rope causing him to trip and ending the game!


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