15 Times BTS’s V Channeled His Inner Bad Boy

So hot.

BTS‘s V often looks like the sweetest boy in town. With his bright smile and guileless eyes, he is often described as an angel.

That’s not always the truth, however, as V can pull off concepts as dark as night when he wishes. Check out some examples below!

1. With a devil may care attitude

2. With his Supreme head band

3. With his black outfit and eyeliner

4. With his leather and denim jacket

5. With his “staring down at you” look

6. With his shady cap down low

7. With his playful smirk

8. With his lip bite

9. With his ultra bright red hair

10. With his “not really innocent” look

11. With his “I don’t care” attitude

12. With his bloody shirt in ARMY Zip

13. With his gun in ARMY Zip

14. With his bad boy street look

15. With his mafia appearance

Isn’t V the coolest?